Woodcraft – Autumn

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Product: Falling leaves

Medium: Solid timber

Dimension: W 80x L 230 x H 70 mm.

Year of production: 2013

Designed and made by: Jin Su Huan (2013)



As gentle as a falling leaf but as solid as a timbre, my work is inspired by the fluidity of nature. The natural curvatures of the wood grains graduating across the solid, blending seamless and bonding firmly within before ending eventually in a circular loop, reminds me of the cycle of nature where the end is the beginning.


Material’s significance

Coming from the hard wood family, my material has strong and dense fibres and deeper intensity of colours. It is cut from the section near the surface of the trunk, thus featuring a gradient from dark brown to soft yellow.



Mainly to serve as a display piece, my work encapsulates the motion of a falling leaf with a tapering vein running along the bottom such that it cannot find a perfect resting position, thus in constant limbo between motion and balance.