shell product

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Product: Shell

Medium: Veneer, Thread, Interfacing Cloth

Dimension: W 250 x L 250  x H 250 mm.

Year of production: 2013

Designed and made by: Jin Su Huan (2013)


A flat pack veneer interface lampshade that can curl into shape when in contact with water.

Lined with interfacing cloth on a single sheet of veneer, the alloy of different absorption and expansion rates

forces the lampshade to curl when in contact with water, capturing a moment of tension between the two materials.


The material retains its shape after drying.



To be used as a portable lamp shade for a single light source, this hanging fixture wraps around a bulb easily. Ideal for home use where ambience of warm light from thin veneer creates a heartfelt presence.



Exploiting the natural quality of wood to form and reform when moist, the lampshade can be easily transported by a simple dip in water and iron dried to become flat and packaged. Dip the lampshade in water again and watch it twist into dynamic forms and simply blow dry it to use.