Facade Design – Tess 01

Featured in Singapore ArtScience Museum, Best of School of Art, Design & Media

Tess is a tessellating window shade that responds to sunlight. 

3D Printed

All parts, hinges and wire pockets

Solar Powered

With nothing but the sun's energy


And powered by Arduino Lily Pad


About Tess No.1

Inspired by nature’s inclination towards the sun, Tess is a modular light installation that tessellates in response to sunlight.


Designed to be fixed on clear glass windows to harvest solar energy, Tess comes to life in the day to “breathe” gently like a flower, transforming the interior space through dynamic shading. With its stored energy, it doubles either as a main light source, or a quiet ambient light in the evening, bringing the night sky into the house.


The modules can be repeated to form a building facade or an entire window.

Dimensions and Medium:

1200mm x 900mm, varies

Electroluminescent Panels, ABS


Window shade by day, light intallation by night.

Designed to be self sustaining, Tess stores sunlight using the triangular panels which can be made of any sun harvesting material eg. solar panel, smart window.

The tessellation is more kinetic with more light present and rests when there is little light, like a plant. The stored energy from the day will then power the electroluminescent panels at night.

This design maximizes the window space in compact living space, so that window resumes its role as a window, even at night.



Final Product

As seen in exhibition at School of Art, Design and Media.


Product: Tess 01 

Medium: Electroluminscent panels, 3D printed ABS,  Arduino, Servo Motor, other electrical components

Dimension: W 1000x L 1500 x H 30 mm.

Year of production: 2015

Designed and made by: Jin Su Huan (2015)

Tess 02